Saturday, July 31, 2004

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Cartoon Sex Sex picture

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Cartoon Sex Sex story

Aunty Rachel Ch. 1 by Patrick It was ladies day at the Tennis Club,
and I always enjoyed that, apart from keeping my body in good shape it was
also the perfect time to catch up on all the news and gossip. I invariably
met up with a group of three friends from my School days and we'd have a
couple of doubles games, then move to the bar for the really important part
of the afternoon, finding out who was doing who and where! I never ceased
to be amazed at how many husbands or wives were playing around, and at
times felt quite jealous, my life though happy seemed terribly boring
and conservative by comparison.

Even the parties my husband and I attended never seemed to have the
erotic and sexy goings on that other parties seemed to have. My friends
would teasingly tell me I was so straight laced I wouldn't know another
man's cock if it was right under my nose! that usually had the table
doubled over in laughter, and I was usually the one laughing loudest, but
sometimes, just sometimes, it hurt a little to be perceived as so uncool
and old fashioned.

This particular day was no exception, especially when they all clamored
to know who the gorgeous hunk was that had dropped me off at the club, as
it certainly wasn't Charles, my husband. I tried to play all mysterious,
just to get them all going and make them think I'd suddenly become as hip
and with it as them, but eventually had to admit that it was my young
nephew that was visiting for a few weeks. Although that drew hoots of
laughter, it also drew a string of saucy remarks about how could I stand
being in the same house as a hunk like that and not do something about it,
or had I seen him naked and was he hung. I found myself getting redder and
redder, and was actually glad when I saw Jimmy pull up in the car park to
pick me up, and made some quick good byes and fled to the accompaniment
of a few more ribald comments.

Needless to say I was a bit flushed and flustered when I got into the
car and greeted my nephew, and thanked him for picking me up. Partly from
what the others had been yelling after me god I hope he didn't hear them!
and partly because the comments had in fact made me acutely conscious of
just what a gorgeous hunk my nephew had turned into since I last saw him a
few years ago. I was surprised and a little shocked at the heat that was
suddenly flowing through me as I looked at him from the corner of my eye,
especially when I noticed that periodically his eyes would leave the road
and dart over to look at me. I tried desperately to stare straight ahead
as I answered his questions about the club and the friends I met for my
weekly tennis outing, but occasionally I would have to turn my head and
look at him, and on one of those occasions I realized that his glances were
not directed at me generally but at my breasts specifically.

I quickly glanced down and almost gasped aloud as the flush of
embarrent raced through me. After the game of tennis I always took a
quick shower before joining the others for drinks, and I always took a T
shirt with me to replace the sweaty tennis blouse, but what I'd forgotten
was that I also left off the sports bra that I used for the games, so the
seat belt was cutting between my breasts and molding my T shirt to them,
outlining them totally. But what was even worse was that the chat with the
girls in the bar, and my subsequent realization of what a hunk my nephew
had become, had caused my nipples to swell and stiffen and they were now
jutting out almost, bursting through my T Shirt, and that's what was taking
his eye!

I was mortified, but there was absolutely nothing I could do that
wouldn't emphasize the situation even more, so I just turned my head and
stared out of the side window, trying to ignore the fact that he was just a
few feet away and in all probability staring at my breasts even more now I
was turned away and it seemed safe to ogle. Oh god, that thought made it
even worse, a part of me was actually feeling flattered that a teenager
would still see me as an attractive woman, and maybe it was that part of me
that started to take over, because I found my hands moving to tug down the
hem of my T shirt, tightening it even more across my breasts and making my
nipples stand out even more. A shiver ran through me and I groaned
inwardly, god, I was behaving like a horny teenager instead of a
respectable married woman! Then the irony of the situation hit me and I
chuckled out loud, gosh if my friends could only see me now, preening and
playing up to my hunk of a nephew, wouldn't they be surprised, bet they
wouldn't call me dull and conservative then!

"What's so funny aunty Rachel?" asked Jimmy

"Oh, nothing, just remembering something the girls said" I replied, and
grinned widely, oh yes, this would show them, I thought, and turned and
looked quite boldly at Jimmy, "Hey, you've really grown up these last few
years" I said, "All my friends at the club thought you were a total hunk
and wanted to know how come I was lucky enough to pick you up and where,
cause they'd like to go there too!"

It was Jimmy's turn to blush furiously and stare straight ahead. Not
daring to look at me, and I noticed his hands shaking a little as he
gripped the wheel, he gulped, "And what did you say?"

I laughed, "Oh I told them you were my new fancy man and we were rushing
home to make mad passionate love!"

He convulsed as if I'd stabbed him with a red hot poker and almost ran
the car off the road!, "You didn't" he gasped.

I laughed even more, "Of course not, I told them you were my gorgeous
nephew, and how could they even dream that someone that good looking would
be interested in an old hag like me"

I saw him go bright red again, and swallow as if his throat was suddenly
dry, "You're not old, and you're certainly not a hag, you're beautiful" he

I immediately felt the color rise in my face, this time from the
pleasure and delight his words brought to me, and I subconsciously shifted
in my seat, throwing my breasts into even greater prominence, "Why thank
you Jimmy, that's the most beautiful compliment anyone's ever paid me" I

He gulped again, "I mean it, it's true" he stammered.

I sat back in the seat, a warm smile on my face, not caring any more
that he might be sneaking peeks at my breasts, indeed, I was hoping he was,
god, what was coming over me? Fortunately the drive came to an end soon
afterwards and I went inside while he put the car away. I rushed to the
kitchen and made myself a tall, cool drink and gulped it down, I really
needed that! Then, as he came in through the door, I called out that I was
going to take a shower, and dashed off before I had to face him again.
Straight into the bedroom and stripped off, then into the adjoining
bathroom, and the shower full on cold, something, anything to get rid of
this incredible heat coursing through my body! Then on to a more moderate
heat as I slowly came back to normal, my mind dismissing the earlier
thoughts and feelings as just a reaction to the bantering in the bar with
the girls, after all I didn't really fancy my own nephew, that would be
even worse than just fancying someone other than my husband, and I'd never
even done that in the 12 years of our marriage, I was a totally happy one
man woman, even if my friends did think that was a little odd in this day
and age.

I was dragged back from my musing by a sharp rap on the bathroom door,
"Aunty Rachel, sorry to disturb you, it's the phone, uncle Charles" called
out Jimmy.

Damn, I thought to myself, just when I was beginning to enjoy the
shower, "Ok, Jimmy, tell him I'll be there straight away" I called out, and
stepped from the shower to grab a towel and quickly dry off the worst of
the water, then grabbed the closest dry towel and wrapped it around me,
hooking it in just above the breasts, and dashed from the bathroom to the
front room, wishing we'd got round to putting in the telephone extension in
the bedroom that we'd always talked about. Jimmy was sitting on the couch
and he looked up as I rushed in and blushed as his eyes quickly wandered
over my body, realizing that in all probability I was naked underneath, and
immediately I was conscious of that fact too, but I didn't feel angry at
his probing look, I felt, hell, I don't know, aware and , god a little
turned on too. I felt the color come to my face and hoped he would think
it was from the shower.

"Would you make me a nice iced lemonade, Jimmy, and one for yourself?" I
asked, and grabbed up the phone to talk to Charles, watching as Jimmy
unfolded himself from the couch and walked off to the kitchen, god, the
girls were right, he really had turned into quite a hunk!

Then I was listening to what Charles had to say over the phone,
listening and getting a little angry, "No, damn it, Charles, you can't do
that to me, you promised. You promised faithfully there'd be no more
weekend conferences, and now especially, with Jimmy visiting. Yeah, I
know, he's my nephew, so it's my responsibility, but you promised. You say
that every time! you can't get out of it, but just this once, never again,
you've told the boss, I'm sick of hearing it, if you have to go then damn
well go!' and I slammed down the phone.

Moving over to stare out of the window, I took a couple of deep breaths
to calm myself, then realized that I wasn't throwing things around the room
the way I usually did when I got angry being a typical fiery red head
and in fact, wasn't feeling particularly angry at all. Oh, there had been
that momentary flash when Charles gave me the news of his immediate
departure for the weekend conference, but that had evaporated almost as
soon as it had sprung up, how strange, how incredibly strange. Then a
clearing of the throat brought my attention back to the present.

"Umm, Aunty Rachel, your drink" said Jimmy, and I turned to him, a
slightly embarrassed smile on my face.

"Thanks Jimmy, I really need that" I said

"I'm sorry if my visit is causing any problems" he muttered.

I smiled warmly, "It's nothing to do with your visit, Jimmy, in fact I'm
absolutely delighted you're here. It's just that Charles promised me he'd
never take one of these last minute conferences again as he knows it
disrupts all our arrangements and really upsets me"

"But if I wasn't here" he murmured, blushing slightly

"If you weren't here I'd be all alone all weekend and so angry I'd
probably be wrecking the house" I said, with a grin, and he grinned in

"Do you really have that much of a temper?" he asked

I laughed, "Oh yes, red heads are notorious for their tempers and
their passion" I said, then immediately wondered why I'd added that last
bit, and felt myself flush a little, so turned away and move over to the
couch and leaned down to place my glass on the coffee table. I heard a
sharp, half smothered gasp and instinctively knew what had caused it. I'd
grabbed the first dry towel I could reach to wrap around me and it wasn't a
very large one, barely coming to the tops of my thighs, and as I leaned
over I could feel it ride up over by buttocks, and knew that right at this
moment Jimmy had a good clear view of my naked ass cheeks! Common sense
and practically every other sense dictated that I should straighten up
without any fuss and move slowly out of the room and back to the bedroom
and get dressed, but the only sense that seemed to be playing any role at
all at that moment was an impish sense of daring, and instead of
straightening up I actually 'accidentally' brushed a magazine onto the
floor so I had to lean down even further, which revealed even more of my
naked ass to Jimmy's probing eyes.

Jimmy's eyes were probing, I could feel them like a hot caress on my
naked ass, and it excited me incredibly, especially when I distinctly heard
his muffled groan, so I retrieved the magazine in extremely slow motion
before straightening up and turning back to face him. His eyes were a
little glazed and there was a deep pink tinge to his face and neck, but
what grabbed my attention even more was the huge bulge that had appeared in
his trousers! My god, what did he have in there?, I thought. I felt
strangely elated that I was exciting him, I never really remembered having
that effect on a man before, at least not since I was courting Charles, but
perhaps it was just as the girls at the club said, I was too dull to even
notice if a cock was shoved under my nose. But I was certainly noticing it
now, and even wishing that it was shoved under my nose, and I could lick it
and suck it. God what was I thinking of, a shiver ran through me as I
tried to change the direction of my thoughts, but it wasn't easy, I was
feeling even hotter than I had before the shower, and what's more I was
enjoying the feelings.

All this took place in just a fleeting second after I turned round, but
none of it showed as I smiled at Jimmy and said, "Well, it looks like
you're stuck with just me for the weekend, I hope that doesn't disappoint
you too much"

He gulped, "Oh no Aunty Rachel, I can't think of anything I'd enjoy
more" he stammered.

I put on my best teasing look, "Of course I can always ring some of my
friends and get them to bring over their gorgeous daughters to play with
you" I said

He blushed furiously, "No, no need, I'd much rather be with you, and I'm
sure none of them would be as gorgeous as you anyway" he stammered.

My smile suddenly became a mile wide and I moved quickly forward and
flung my arms around his neck, "Oh Jimmy, you don't know how much that
compliment means to me, I was beginning to feel old and unwanted" I cried
out, and I planted a brief though not too brief kiss on his lips.

When I pulled back, his face was even more flushed, and I noticed his
hands had quickly dropped to encircle my waist and rest on the upper slopes
of my ass cheeks, accidentally pulling the towel up over my bum slightly.
"There's no way you're old, aunty Rachel, and I bet every man that sees you
wants you" he stammered in a particularly effective effort at flattery,
because I felt myself straighten and preen a little at his words, then I
put on that teasing look and voice again.

"Oh, Jimmy, and are you one of those?" I almost purred.

"God, yes" he groaned, and bent his head slightly, and awkwardly pressed
his lips against mine.

I knew this was crazy, but I just didn't care, I was on fire, so instead
of pulling away and telling him off for his forwardness, I leaned into the
kiss, pressing my body against his, feeling the enormous bulge of his cock
pressing into me. I held the kiss for a long moment, then tentatively slid
my tongue forward to slip between his lips, and almost felt the gulp that
went from his throat all the way down his body. Then his hands moved and
they were under the towel, cupping and caressing my naked ass cheeks, and I
could feel the tension in him as he expected any moment that I'd pull
sharply away and tell him off. But I didn't, I stayed with my body pressed
against his and enjoyed the light stroking of his hands on my ass,
wriggling slightly beneath their ministrations and causing my pussy to rub
sensuously against the bulge of his cock.

When I did finally pull free from the passionate kiss and take a half
step back, it became immediately obvious to both of us that all that
squirming around had done nothing for the security of the towel, because as
soon as the embrace was loosened, the towel cascaded to the floor, leaving
me totally naked. His eyes just about popped out of his head as they flew
rapidly up and down my body, drinking in my still firm tits and my juicy
pussy with its covering of bright red hair. I'd never had large breasts,
but they were high and firm, almost like a teenager's, and I was suddenly
glad that I'd maintained an exercise schedule that had kept the rest of my
body firm too, I knew I looked damn good, and I could see the confirmation
of that in the glow of Jimmy's eyes.

A part of my mind couldn't believe this was happening, up to now Charles
was the only man that had seen me completely naked, the only man that had
stroked my naked ass, the only man that had kissed me so passionately, yet
here I was with my own nephew acting like a total tart and loving it! I
glanced down between us and was again struck by the size of the bulge in
Jimmy's pants, and I knew I just had to know just what was causing it, so I
dropped my hand down and cupped it over that bulge, and Jimmy almost jumped
through the roof. I didn't pull back, I stared him straight in the eyes as
my hands slowly and sensuously rubbed his swollen cock through his
trousers, then I grinned at him and said, "That feels terribly
uncomfortable all locked up like that, why don't we set it free", and my
hands moved to the top of his zipper and started to ease it down.

He half gasped and half groaned as I opened the zip completely then slid
my hand inside and eased his stiff and swollen cock from his boxers, but it
was me who gasped loudest when his rampant cock popped into full view, he
was massive! Of course, I was no cock expert, as my friends would agree, I
only had Charles as a living reference and he was much bigger than Charles,
and of course I'd occasionally peeked at some of the magazines my friends
had and had seen some naked men in there and he looked bigger than them
too. I just stood and gazed in awe at this incredibly long, thick,
beautiful succulent cock, and I knew I was going to have it, I knew I was
going to take that cock into my mouth and suck it dry, take it into my
churning pussy and suck it dry.

My god, what was happening to me, I didn't know and I didn't care. I
quickly urged the rest of Jimmy's clothes off until he was standing there
as naked as me, and as obviously aroused and horny as me, and I took that
gorgeous cock into my hand and began to stroke it, "Oh aunty Rachel" he
moaned, and a shudder went through his body. I dropped to my knees and
brushed my lips across his cock head and watched another shudder course
through his body, then I ran my tongue the length of his cock to his heavy
balls and back again, before cupping his balls in my hand and gently
squeezing them. Mmmmm tasted so nice. Took the head of his cock in my
mouth and began to run my tongue around and around it before sliding more
of his thick stem into my mouth. Charles had always loved being sucked
off, so I knew I was very good at it, and I was determined to make this
very special for Jimmy, especially when the reward for me was to have this
magnificent cock deep inside my pussy.

Being young and inexperienced meant a certain lack of control on Jimmy's
part, and I was well aware of that, so I made that first cock sucking as
slow and long as I could, but eventually he couldn't contain himself any
longer and with a strangled roar he shot his load deep into my mouth. I
thought I was going to drown for a moment as gallons and gallons of his
gorgeous, hot, tasty cum juice poured into my mouth, but I managed to suck
and swallow most of it, and I loved every moment, every morsel.

Jimmy collapsed into a chair as the final faint spurt of cum slipped
between my lips and I knelt there looking hotly at him. "Wow, auntie
Rachel, that was incredible, I've never.."

I felt a new flush of excitement burst inside me, this couldn't be true,
I wasn't going to be his first, was I? I allowed my eyes to widen a
little, "You mean you've never had your cock sucked before?" I asked, he
shook his head, "Never been with a woman at all before?" I asked, again he
shook his head. I couldn't believe it, an 18 year old virgin in this day
and age. I reached out and stroked his half erect cock, "And would you
like to be with Aunty Rachel, I mean in every way?" I asked in the hottest,
horniest voice I could muster, and I watched the shudder wrack his body.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cartoon Sex Sex picture

Cartoon Sex Sex picture

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Cartoon Sex Sex story

The following story is a work of fiction. Its contents are of a
graphically sexual nature and may involve non-consensual sexual acts
between underage partners. Any resemblance to persons either alive or dead
is purely coincidental. This story is intended for ADULTS only. If you
are under the legal age of consent in your local jurisdiction, or if you
are easily offended, kindly STOP READING NOW.

An Evening with Cindi - by - The StoryMaster

She was charming. She was blond. She was quite precocious. She was as
lovely as a ten year old girl could possibly be. If pressed, however, she
would quickly inform you that "she was almost eleven!"

Earlier in the evening, Ted had managed to take a seat innocently beside
the beautiful young girl, and for several minutes while he pretended to
take interest in her childish chatter, Ted inhaled deep, titillating drafts
of the sweet, coquettish scent of her youth.

His own daughter, Melissa was already slumbering peacefully at the
opposite end of the sofa, so Ted took the opportunity to once again slide
closer to the lovely blond girl. As the Rohypnol gradually took effect,
and she became increasingly drowsy, Ted allowed her to fall softly against
his shoulder. Then ever so slowly, he extended his right arm around her
narrow shoulders. He was giddy with excitement as he gently pulled her
small body closer still. She was so very warm. Her long, shining, light
blond hair was exquisitely soft, and Ted carefully nuzzled his nose and
lips into those silken locks until his senses reeled from her intoxicating
bouquet. Like a summer afternoon just after a cleansing rainfall, and just
beneath the surface the barely detectable fragrance of bubble gum.

As he cuddled the enchanting child against his chest, she stirred
suddenly. Glancing down at the little girl in his arms, Ted noticed that
she wore an expression of of mild concern upon her angelic face. Her
normally clear, blue eyes were hazy and distant, but her expression made it
clear that somewhere deep within her consciousness, the little ten year old
must have thought it strange that a grown man, was showing her such
affection. She blinked up at him once or twice through heavy eye lids, and
Ted smiled warmly, knowing that even as she gazed up at him, her
instinctive "alarm bells" were being efficiently attenuated by the powerful
tranquilizing drug he'd administered both to her and to his daughter in
cups of hot cocoa. Then just before her muzzy blue eyes closed for the
last time, and she swooned in his arms, Ted leaned down and kissed the
precious child full on the lips. He felt her lithe body grow tense and her
small hands clutch weakly at his shirt, as he extended the tip of his
tongue between her marvelously soft lips and smooth white teeth. The young
beauty knew that something was very wrong, but before she could react, the
drug took her. She struggled only briefly, pushing ineffectually against
his body with her hands in an effort to fend him off, before slipping into

Ted continued to kiss the little beauty for several minutes after she
swooned, relishing the thought that his was the first exploration of her
delightful mouth. The taste of her was indescribable; the fresh nectar of
youth. She no longer resisted him. Once he felt her fingers close on his
arm, but it was a purely reflex reaction. Ted gently kissed her cheeks and
chin, her forehead and eyelids and slender neck.

Her name was Cindi Hillman, and as mentioned earlier, Cindi was ten
years and ten months old. She was one of the prettiest little girls in her
middle-school and had only recently started to pal around with Ted's
daughter, Melissa. Ted hadn't met either of the girl's parents, although
he figured that Mrs. Hillman had to be an attractive woman, to have
parented such a miraculous child.

Cindi stood about four and a half feet tall and weighed perhaps
eighty-five pounds. The little girl was blessed with the face of an angel.
She had huge, dark blue eyes, a small, pouty mouth and perfect pink lips.
Cindi's complexion was clear and flawless with a light sprinkling of tiny
freckles across the bridge of her pretty nose. Her nubile figure was slim
and strong and was already developing those fascinating curves of a more
mature young lady. The one exception to her budding physique, and one that
Ted found enormously attractive, was the fact that like many ten year old
girls, Cindi's chest was completely flat.

Ted had taken the time these last few weeks while he prepared for their
"special evening", to study young Cindi carefully. He'd seen her in a
bathing suit a time or two and had noted that there wasn't the slightest
rise in the tight Lycra covering her chest. Another thing that Ted noticed
that same day was the enticing outline of her blooming womanhood between
slender, shapely thighs. Based upon her fine, blond hair, pale skin and
blue eyes and the fact that her arms were practically devoid of hair, Ted
doubted very seriously if Cindi Hillman had begun to grow pubic hair yet,
other than perhaps a delightful wisp. Very soon, Ted would know for
certain. Soon all of his dreams and desires would be fulfilled. Soon he
would know Miss Cindi Hillman intimately.

Ted was no stranger to girls Cindi's age. In addition to his ongoing
relationship with his daughter, Melissa, Ted had, over the past couple of
years, managed to spend "quality time" with three of his daughter's young
friends. Cindi would be his forth. Ted had no idea where or when his
predilection for young girls originated, and to tell the truth, he didn't
really care. As far as he was concerned, there was absolutely nothing
wrong with introducing a young lady to the mysteries of her own body.

Ted was also blessed with a distinct gift. For some unexplainable
reason, adolescent girls were strangely attracted to him. It was like
magnetism. Young girls trusted him, and would usually do as he asked,
within reason, of course. In fact, two of his most recent relationships
were of a completely consensual nature.

He and his eleven year old daughter, Melissa regularly enjoyed each
others' company and had been doing so since she was very young. Then
following his wife's untimely death a year ago, Ted and Melissa had become
even closer. In order to avoid criticism by less open minded individuals,
father and daughter maintained separate bedrooms, but on most any given
night, you will find young Melissa curled up in her Daddy's bed.

Recently, one of his young partners, a sweet child by the name of Mindy
Johnson, had become the target of his daughter's jealousy, and conditions
in Ted's household had deteriorated rapidly as a result. There are few
things on this Earth more punishing than the vengeful wrath of a resentful
young girl. Ted faced a very real dilemma. On the one hand, he didn't
wish to alienate his daughter. They'd spent too many wonderful hours
together. But conversely, young Mindy Johnson willingly did things for him
that many adult women wouldn't dream of doing. At ten years of age, the
raven haired little girl was wonderfully submissive, while at the same time
surprisingly adventurous and passionate in her love making. Since Ted
didn't wish to compromise either relationship, he would have to come up
with a plan.

It was then, as fate would have it, that Cindi Hillman made her debut,
and for Ted it was love at first sight. As was usually the case, the
little ten year old seemed to take an immediate liking to Ted, and after
putting his relationship with Miss Johnson on the back burner for awhile,
Ted did everything in his power to be near the little blond beauty. He
began suggesting to Melissa that perhaps Cindi might want to come over to
swim or something, and every time the girls were together Ted would find a
reason to join them even if only for a few minutes. He would then turn on
the charm, and would invariably have the little blond giggling happily at
some witticism or other. In an effort to avoid provoking his young
daughter's jealous side, Ted took great care to include Melissa in their
conversations, but while he spoke, he always gazed warmly at little Cindi.

Like most girls her age, the pretty blond was friendly and trusting once
she got to know a person, and her liking for Ted grew quickly. In no time
at all, she thought nothing of letting Ted touch her and even hug her
playfully from time to time. Ted relished the times he played games with
Cindi in the swimming pool. He thrilled to the feeling of her slippery
little body wiggling through his arms during a friendly game of tag.

One day, quite by accident, he'd confessed to Cindi just how much he
liked her. Ted recalled actually holding his breath in anticipation of her
reaction. Thankfully, the sweet child had replied innocently that she
liked him too, and Ted decided at that very moment that he had to have her.
And so the seduction of Miss Cindi Hillman began. When the next
opportunity presented itself for Ted to speak to the stunning blond in
private, he began to probe the youngster with questions of a mildly
suggestive nature, jokingly at first, in order to gauge her reaction.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Cindi?" he'd asked her. Then he'd followed up
with a friendly laugh and a little hug. "Surely a girl as pretty as
yourself has a boyfriend." Cindi had blushed hotly. Gradually, however, as
his line of questioning became more specific, the little girl had began to
exhibit signs of unease. Having had considerable experience with young
ladies Cindi's age, Ted realized that continued direct coercion would
inevitable fail and quite possibly raise the suspicions of his pretty young
daughter. For him to have any hope of sharing any kind of a meaningful
experience with Miss Hillman, who clearly had been reared under a more
austere set of behavioral and moral guidelines, Ted was going to have to
use some "less than conventional" methods.

He'd been reading a lot lately about what was being referred to as "date
rape drugs", and what he read intrigued him. Ted had often fantasized
about being with a young lady who was fast asleep. More than once he'd
fondled his daughter as she slumbered in his bed, and the experience had
excited him to no end. The more Ted studied articles having to do with the
concept of having sex with sedated women, the more excited about the
prospect he became. There were a number of substances available on the
market if one knew the right person, with Rohypnol being by far and away
the most popular. According to his research, Ted determined that Rohypnol,
when administered orally in food or drink, would not only render the
subject unconscious, but it had the added beneficial effect of causing
mild, short term amnesia in the subject. The drug seemed to be ideally
suited for his purpose, and much to Ted's delight, he found that Rohypnol
was not only easy to come by, it was also fairly inexpensive.

He began preparations a full week ahead of time. After purchasing an
ample supply Ted calculated the proper dosage for young ladies of a more
tender age and consequently lower body weight. Then he hinted to his
daughter, Melissa, that if she wanted to invite Cindi over for a slumber
party that weekend, it would be OK with him. Ted was naturally overjoyed
when Melissa came to him two days later to inform him that Cindi's parents
had agreed to let their lovely young daughter come to spend the weekend.
It had been one of the most difficult things Ted had ever had to do to
contain his excitement as the days crept slowly by, but at last the awaited
day arrived, and all was in readiness.

And now, here she was. The indescribably lovely young Cindi Hillman lay
slumbering in his lap, her breathing slow and steady. Cautiously lifting
her right arm, Ted touched his fingertips to her wrist, checking her pulse.
Ted breathed a sigh of relief when her heartbeat proved to be strong and
regular. He'd apparently figured the dosage perfectly. Ted slipped
carefully out from under the sleeping little beauty, and moving to the
other end of the big couch, he checked on his daughter. Melissa too was in
a deep sleep, snoring softly like she always did. Ted leaned down and
kissed her on the lips. She wrinkled her pretty nose then rolled her head,
burying her face in one of the soft bolsters. "It's better this way,
sweetheart," Ted murmured to his slumbering daughter. Then he turned his
attentions back to the petite blond treasure that awaited him just a few
feet and a few moments away.

Ted stood over Cindi for several minutes, just gazing down at the lovely
little girl, before reaching down and carefully slipping his hands beneath
his little princess' knees. Slowly he lifted Cindi's slender legs then
turned her small body on the sofa. Moments later he had the slumbering
girl positioned such that she lay stretched out on her back lengthwise on
the couch. It was a big sofa, and Cindi was a small girl, so there was
plenty of room even with his daughter sleeping peacefully at the opposite
end. He arranged the little blond's arms at her sides then stood up to
admire his work. She was an utterly immaculate child. Her long hair lay
sprayed out beneath her head, framing her angelic face in gold against the
sofa cushion.

Mrs. Hillman should be commended for producing such a lovely creature
as Cindi, and to her credit, she'd also taught her daughter to dress very
nicely for a girl her age. Cindi wore a pretty white cotton blouse with
lace trim around the collar and mother of pearl buttons down the front. It
looked positively stunning along with her "Jr. Miss", stone washed,
designer jeans. The soft denim hugged the little girl's hips and legs,
accentuating the her stunning, nubile figure. On her feet, Cindi wore a
pair of Nike Air running shoes over ankle high white athletic socks. The
kind that have the little puff balls behind the heals.

Ted's heart was pounding so hard in his chest that it actually scared
him a little as he took a seat beside his slumbering princess. "Easy," he
muttered to himself. Then with a warm smile on his lips, Ted reached out
and softly stroked Cindi's left cheek with his finger tips. To his never
ending joy, the little girl cuddled her face against his hand. Slowly he
opened his hand against her soft, flawless skin, and for a few minutes Ted
did nothing more than gently rub Cindi's cheek. Her skin was so very warm
against his palm, as Ted let his fingers slip down and around to the back
of her neck, reveling as her golden soft tresses entwined between his
finger tips. Gazing into Cindi's serene face, Ted carefully brushed his
thumb across her pink lips. Moving it slowly back and forth from one
corner of her lovely mouth to the other across first her lower lip and then
her upper, Ted watched her face closely for any reaction to his petting.
The young girl wrinkled her brow ever so slightly, but that was the extent
of her reaction to his touch so far. Next Ted used his finger tips to
trace the curve of her jaw starting just below one ear moving slowly around
to the other. It must have tickled a bit, because Cindi shrugged her
shoulders and turned her face away from his hand.

"Shhhhh," Ted whispered to his little princess. He slid his fingers
back into the warmth of her soft hair, massaging her delicate neck for a
minute or two, before leaning down and kissing her softly on the lips.
Cindi sighed heavily, but otherwise gave no reaction to his latest
intimacies. It was time to move on. Very carefully Ted slid his hand down
the side of Cindi's neck to the top of her left shoulder. Then easing his
fingers ever so slightly beneath the soft cotton fabric of the young girl's
blouse, Ted traced her delicate collar bones with the tips of two fingers.
Arriving at the open "V" at the collar of Cindi's blouse, he contemplated
his next move for a moment while caressing her incredibly warm skin with
the backs of his fingers.

At last, summoning his courage, Ted raised his other hand to Cindi's
collar and began to unbutton the small mother of pearl buttons. One by one
he proceeded slowly downward, stopping after each to carefully separate the
soft cotton, exposing a milky expanse of flawless skin beneath. Ted licked
his lips when after the second button, he spied the top of a little
training bra. "Oh my, sweetheart," he whispered hoarsely. "We're turning
into such a big girl." Ted could not recall another experience of such
erotic intensity as he continued to unbutton the pretty girl's blouse.
When at last he arrived at the top of Cindi's blue jeans, he carefully
tugged the tails of her shirt out from under the tight denim.

Unexpectedly Cindi stirred, causing Ted to freeze in near panic. He
studied her face closely seeing just the slightest hint of blue as the
little girl tried to open her eyes. There was no recognition there, thank
God!. Cindi certainly didn't recognize the fact that she lay with the
front of her blouse unbuttoned to the waist while her best friend's Dad
gazed down at her from his seat beside her on the sofa. Even if she had,
she was powerless to alter the proceedings and was quickly whisked away
into oblivion by the powerful sedative drug.

As she swooned Cindi raised her right arm and lay it across her
forehead. What an enchanting vision she made as Ted spread her pretty
blouse open, framing the soft skin of her small torso in white linen.
Cindi didn't resist his efforts in any way when he carefully removed her
arm from her forehead and returned it to her side. Smiling warmly, Ted
gazed down at the small piece of fabric that made up the little girl's
brassiere. He knew that Cindi had to have been thrilled the first time
that her mother let her wear it. He remembered how proud Melissa had been
when she got her first training bra. Even though there was absolutely
nothing beneath it requiring support, it none the less represented a huge
milestone in the life of a young girl, and as much as Ted longed to take a
peek beneath the little garment, he decided that the running shoes should
come next. Before moving on, however, Ted made some final adjustments to
the sleeping girl's blouse. Tugging lightly on the lapels, he bared her
narrow shoulders. Then after unbuttoning her shirt sleeves, Ted
regretfully tore his eyes from the lovely, semi-naked ten year old and
turned toward her feet.

Her shoes felt so tiny in Ted's hands as after untying them, he pulled
first one then the other off and placed them on the floor next to the
couch. Next came the socks, leaving Cindi's tiny feet exposed. Ted didn't
have a thing for feet or anything, but he simply couldn't resist becoming
intimate with every inch of Cindi's body. So, before proceeding any
further, Ted leaned down and kissed the tops of the little girl's feet.
They were so very warm and petite.

Ted glanced at his wristwatch. It was only seven-thirty. They had
plenty of time. The night was still young. Gazing down at his pretty
prize and smiling, he whispered, "Come darling, let Uncle Ted help you out
of your pretty blouse." He leaned over the little girl, sliding one arm
carefully beneath her shoulders. His head fairly reeled, so intoxicating
was her bouquet as he lifted her torso slowly upward off the surface of the
couch. Hugging Cindi's warm little body against his chest, Ted used his
free hand to slip her blouse over her narrow shoulders, and then tugged her
arms free of the confining sleeves. Still holding her close, he located
the thin strap of her training bra. It took him a minute because the
garment was so small, but eventually he found the single tiny catch, and
with a deft twist of his fingers the small strap popped loose. Before he
laid her back, Ted kissed the sweet girl's neck and shoulders while he
inhaled deep drafts of her intoxicating adolescence.

When at last Ted did lower Cindi back to a reclining position he was
tremendously excited. He had to remind himself to move slowly. There was
still the possibility of awakening her, although Ted figured that it was
highly unlikely. With trembling fingers, Ted gently lifted the bottom edge
of Cindi's pretty little bra. Beneath the two tiny, triangular patches of
cotton which replaced the cups of a brassiere made for a more mature young
lady, were two perfect little breasts who's undeveloped areolae were only
slightly larger than a nickel. Folding the little bra back onto Cindi's
chest, Ted imagined he saw just the tiniest bit of puffiness beneath the
twin satiny areolae. "My little rose is starting to bloom," he murmured
softly. After gazing appreciatively at Cindi's two tiny breasts for a
moment longer, Ted went about removing the training bra altogether, deftly
slipping its narrow straps over the girl's bare shoulders. When he was
finished, Cindi Hillman lay before him, naked and exposed to the waist.
Ted had looked forward to this day for so long, he couldn't believe it was
finally here.

He took a moment to arrange Cindi's arms at her sides again before with
trembling hands, he grasped the brass button at the waist of her Jr. Miss
Jeans. Ted felt the warmth of the youngster's soft skin against the backs
of his fingers as he fidgeted with the obstinate button until it finally
came loose. A quick glance at Cindi's face revealed that she was still
sleeping peacefully, completely unaware of what was happening to her. So
after grasping the tiny brass tab, in one smooth motion Ted unzipped his
sleepy young partner.

"Oh my, sweetheart," Ted muttered breathlessly as he tugged Cindi's
jeans open. Beneath the light blue stone washed denim his little princess
wore a pair of white satin panties with a slender, lace waist band and a
tiny pink bow just below her exposed belly button. Quickly Ted scooted his
butt down the sofa until he sat about even with her calves. Placing his
hands on Cindi's hips, Ted leaned down and after a second's hesitation, he
pressed his lips to smooth satin just below the little pink bow. Ted was
in heaven as he gently moved his lips and nose in small circles over the
warm satin of Cindi's panties. Nibbling playfully at the tiny bow, his
nose pressing against the soft flesh of Cindi's tummy, Ted felt the muscles
flex beneath her warm skin as a new and even more enchanting scent wafted
upward, caressing his face. It was the moist essence of pre-pubescent

Grasping both the waist band of her jeans and the thin lace band of her
panties at the same time, Ted tugged carefully first on one side, then on
the other. Leaning over the slumbering princess, he took his time,
relishing every second. Following the tiny pink bow with his lips, Ted
kissed his way down the little blond's lower abdomen, feeling quite sure
that no one else had ever kissed Cindi that way before. He was her first.

Ted ceased the downward progress of his kissing when he reached the
swelling of her pubic arch and proceeded to nibble at the little girl's
soft belly with pursed lips while he drew her jeans and panties smoothly
down her slender thighs. When at last Ted sat up he was treated to a truly
magnificent sight. Before him lay the indescribably beautiful Miss Cindi
Hillman, slumbering peacefully, while sharing with him all of her
adolescent charms.

Her figure was stunning. Cindi was everything Ted had dreamed of and
more. Her skin was so pure and blemish free that it practically glowed.
Having seen Cindi many times in a swim suit, Ted had a pretty good idea
what to expect, but witnessing her in her true splendor was a thrill beyond
measure. She was perfect. From her slender waist and flat tummy, to the
enticing shape of her nubile thighs and the plumpness of her vulva, the
little blond was nothing short of breath taking. Ted wanted nothing more
than to touch her, but before he allowed himself to lay beside the little
goddess, Ted wanted her completely naked. So, with his eyes locked onto
Cindi's delectable little figure, Ted stood and stooped over her. Taking
first one cuff then the other, he carefully tugged Cindi's pant legs over
her feet. Next came her panties, and seconds later Ted stood holding the
diminutive undergarment, still warm from her body heat in his hands. Then
as he gazed down at the enchanting little princess raised Cindi's panties
up to his lips. Drunk with pleasure and excitement Ted pressed his lips
and nose into the fragrant satin, pungent with the little girl's perfume.
His dreams were coming true, one by one.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time, sweetheart," Ted whispered
to the sleeping child as he dropped the panties to the floor and knelt
beside the sofa. "After tonight, Cindi, darling, you and your Uncle Ted
will share a special bond," he murmured. Then as he took one of her
slender legs in his hand and began to raise it upward, Ted remembered the

"Damn!" he swore under his breath even as the gates of heaven began to
open before him. Staring, enchanted at the sweet child's plump little
pussy, Ted was tempted to forget the whole thing. Thankfully, however, he
came to his senses, and after reluctantly lowering Cindi's shapely leg back
onto the sofa, he got to his feet. Ted would have kicked himself had he
not taken the time to record these magic moments for posterity. "Besides,"
he thought to himself as after fetching the small digital camcorder from
the hall closet, and mounting it on a tripod stand beside the couch, he
made some final adjustments. "You never know when a pictorial record might
come in handy."

After pressing the "Record" button, Ted quickly returned to his young
partner's side. "There we are, sweetheart. I'll bet you didn't know you
were gonna be a movie star," he chuckled, kneeling beside the couch. "Now,
let's see. Where were we?" he murmured rhetorically as he raised Cindi's
right leg and placed it carefully over his left shoulder, spreading the
lovely girl open before him once more. Ted then lay forward onto the sofa
cushion and slipped his right arm under Cindi's other leg which lay
stretched out against the back of the couch. Slowly he scooted himself
closer to heaven, hoisting Cindi's left leg over his right shoulder in the
process. Ted noted that even with her legs spread apart, Cindi's plump
labia remained pressed tightly together, guarding her charms behind plump,
fleshy gates.

Unabashed, Ted began to kiss Cindi's inner thighs, moving closer and
closer to the last bastion of her childhood. Giving the sweet child a
series of playful, nibbling kisses, he alternated from one thigh to the
other until at last his right cheek pressed against the essence of her
femininity. Then after sliding his palms under the little girl's buttocks,
and noting how the firm little orbs fit his hands perfectly, Ted turned and
faced the palace gates. "Smile for the camera, baby," he purred as without
further ado, Ted lifted Cindi to his mouth like a ripe melon, her pungent
bouquet flooding his senses and pressed his mouth to her ample labia

The little girl's hips jerked suddenly, startling him.

"I know, baby. It tickles a little," Ted whispered, his lips brushing
against her intimate flesh. Her intoxicating fragrance was nearly
overwhelming as he went about nibbling at her fleshy gates, first on one
side, and then desiring to prolong that most delicious moment, Ted passed
over the source of that heady bouquet and began nibbling at her other
labial roll.

The little princess shifted her hips again, more slowly this time.

"There's my girl," Ted whispered and then kissed Cindy directly over her
vaginal opening. Her tiny labia minora felt like flower petals against his
lips, and her delightful perfume made his head spin.

Ted simply couldn't imagine a more captivating experience than the first
taste of a young girl. The knowledge that he was partaking of a previously
untasted fruit made the occasion unique and unforgettable. One simply had
to experience it to understand, and Miss Cindy Hillman was certainly no
exception. When Ted first touched his tongue cautiously to that unsullied
flesh, her pre-pubescent savor seemed to surge through his taste buds like
an electrical current, filling his mouth with her tangy ambience. Using
the very tip of his tongue Ted slowly traced up one side of Cindi's sweet
womanhood between her inner and outer lips until he reached their juncture
where beneath a small hood of succulent skin resided her budding clitoris.
Again with the tip of his tongue Ted gently delved beneath that tiny
shroud, lifting it and exposing the very nerve center Cindi's femininity.
As he did this, Ted felt her heals press downward onto his back and felt
the muscles beneath the soft orbs of her buttocks flex hard like a cowgirl
gently spurring her trusty mare. Wishing for the sweet child to get the
most out of their time together, Ted withdrew his tongue and then began to
lick her up the other side of her supple inner lips, starting just below
her vaginal opening and ending once again at her clitoris. Ted felt a
series of tremors pass through Cindi as her maturing reproductive
physiology sent unfamiliar yet thrilling signals to the pleasure center of
her brain such that even in a state of deep sedation, the youngster's body
responded instinctively. This was very rewarding for Ted for he knew that
in some small way he was making an impression on the lovely Miss Hillman
whom he'd admired for so long.

Ted's senses reeled from her heady scent, as he allowed his lips to
wander aimlessly over supple folds as smooth and soft as silk. Losing all
track of time, Ted's entire world existed between the slender thighs of the
lovely ten year old, his tongue exploring every intimate inch of her.
Pursing his lips Ted pressed them to the little beauty's diminutive vaginal
opening and began to suckle her in an attempt to sip any fluids that might
be present there. Once or twice he darted his tongue into that small
aperture just to see what her reaction might be, and again his efforts were
rewarded by decided bodily reactions on the part of his young partner.
Concerned about leaving evidence of his first tryst with Cindi, however,
Ted took care not inadvertently "damage" the fragile membrane which
represented her innocense. As the sweet child rolled her hips slowly in
his hands, Ted knew with a certainty, that he and Miss Hillman would be
spending more quality time together in the future.

"There was no need to rush the relationship," Ted reminded himself, but
more than anything on Earth he longed to become one with the delectable
little beauty. "You'd like that too, wouldn't you, baby," he whispered,
his nose pressed against her plump mons and his lips a fraction of an inch
away from her vaginal opening. After kissing the sweet child once more
directly over that tiny winking portal, Ted had an idea.

Extending his tongue downward, he gently licked the silken skin know as
the perineum for several moments. Then moving his hungry mouth just a
little bit lower, Ted stiffened his tongue and pushed its tip firmly into
the center of the small, tightly pursed sphincter guarding Cindi Hillman's
"back door". Immediately the little ten year old flexed the powerful
muscles in her buttocks in reaction to the attempted intrusion.

"Easy, sweetheart!" Ted chided playfully. "Just relax, honey, and let
Uncle Ted see what a big girl you are," he murmured, and after temporarily
ceasing the probing with his tongue he began kissing her softly and
repeatedly here and there between her legs. Ted waited awhile before
returning to "the scene of the crime". When after a minute or two he felt
Cindi relax her little fanny in his hands, he extended his thumbs upward
between her thighs and after carefully coaxing her cheeks aside, he began
to lick her puckered little rear entrance intermittently between kisses.
Surprisingly the little ten year old seemed to accept his latest
attentions, so Ted happily went about swirling the tip of his tongue around
and around the small puckered portal until she was thoroughly coated with
his saliva. Then transferring the focus of his oral ministrations back to
the area of the young girl's vagina, Ted delivered a series of long, slow
licks to her. .Flattening his tongue against her resilient inner folds in
an effort to cover as much of her petite pussy as possible, he lapped her
repeatedly, starting at her vaginal opening, working his way upward over
exquisitely succulent flesh, and ending by nibbling at her clitoral shroud.

Ted was in heaven, and would have gladly spent the rest of his days
there on his couch with his face buried between Cindi Hillman's thighs, but
in spite of the already high degree of intimacy he'd achieved with the
sweet young girl, Ted wanted to share himself more completely with her, and
in the end leave her with a part of himself as a gift. Trying not to
interrupt the rhythm of his oral attentions, Ted popped his middle finger
into his mouth a couple of times between kisses, wetting it thoroughly.

Meanwhile, his tender partner had begun to respond to his affections.
Her little tummy had started to heave and flex, and from time to time, Ted
swore she pushed herself against his lips and tongue. It was now or never.
After first increasing the tempo of his licking, Ted located her anal
portal with his moistened finger tip, and then while the slumbering child
was unconsciously distracted he entered her rectal passage to the first

"!" the little blond whimpered while clamping down hard with her
internal muscles.

Although he worried that she might awaken, Ted kept his finger in place
as he whispered soothingly, "Shhh..shhh..shhh, baby!"

"God! She's hot inside!" Ted muttered under his breath. "And so
tight!" he reflected as he swirled the tip of his tongue around her
clitoral hood once or twice. Several minutes passed, during which time Ted
felt her clamp down intermittently on his finger tip as she adjusted
herself to the foreign mass within. He was beginning to worry that perhaps
his young partner would be incapable of sustaining a more significant
pairing. For although Ted wasn't a particularly large man, judging from
the vigor of her anal embrace he doubted if the sweet child could accept
much of him without help. Ever so slowly though as Ted continued to shower
young Cindi with licks and kisses she began to relax her grip on his
probing digit, and gradually he was able to work his way into the little
ten year old as far as the second knuckle.

"That's a good girl, sweetheart," Ted murmured affectionately as after a
minute or two he started to move his finger slowly in and out no more than
a half inch to begin with and then gradually increasing the depth of his
forays into the enchanting youngster. At first she resisted him, but after
a short while she seemed to give herself up to the moment. "There you go,
honey. Just relax, Cindi. That's it. Shh..shh..shh," he murmured softly
as he slid his finger slowly in and out of her previously unexplored nether
passage. Ted felt quite certain that the exquisite little blond had never
experienced this sort of attention before today, and he thrilled to think
that he would be the first to introduce Cindi to some of the joys of being

Ted had grand plans for the balance of their evening together, and
although he was somewhat impatient to move on, he none-the-less found it
extremely difficult to disengage himself from the remarkable young girl.
Her rich, full bodied taste was simply mind boggling, but following one
last loving kiss to Cindi's moist inner petals, Ted lifted her right leg,
slipped from between her thighs and sat up. For a full minute he sat
surveying his handiwork. The little blond's sumptuous labia majora
remained slightly parted, glistening with a sheen of saliva. Ted also
noted that her succulent inner labia, what he could see of them, appeared
to be a much deeper shade of pink than they'd been earlier, proving that in
spite of the sedation, Cindy was not totally oblivious to her surroundings.
The fact that her supple inner folds appeared to be somewhat flushed and
swollen indicated that her young body was instinctively responding to him,
and this pleased Ted immensely.

Glancing once again at his watch Ted saw that it was almost nine
o'clock. He'd been eating Cindi Hillman's sweet pussy for over an hour.
"Time flies when you're having fun. Doesn't it, sweetheart," Ted remarked
as he got slowly to his feet. "You just rest for a minute, honey, and
Uncle Ted will be right back. I promise." Bending down, he straightened
the young girl's legs, bringing her knees together and leaving her
slumbering peacefully as he stepped momentarily to the other end of the big
sofa where his pretty eleven year old daughter, Melissa lay sleeping.

Kneeling down beside her, Ted smiled warmly as he pulled gently on
Melissa's knee, easing her right leg toward the edge of the couch, thereby
separating her shapely thighs by a few inches. Enough anyway that Ted was
able to slide his hand between, and then as casually as you please he swept
his fingers up her warm inner thigh and without hesitation, cupped the
sleeping child firmly between her legs. Melissa stirred only slightly as
her daddy began to rub her. "That's my girl," Ted whispered before leaning
over and kissing her twice on the lips. A warm, comfortable feeling flowed
over him as his daughter's familiar perfume wafted about him.

He and Melissa had spent many enchanting hours together, and thanks to
the drug, Rohypnol, they would do so again. Briefly Ted fantasized about
sharing his bed with both girls together, as he slowly massaged Melissa
through her "hip", low cut blue jeans. "Cindi and I are becoming such good
friends," he murmured to his sleeping daughter. Melissa squirmed a little
then took a deep breath and lay still. "Maybe some day," Ted mused, still
day dreaming about a menage a trois with Cindi and his pretty young
daughter. "Stranger things have happened," he decided as he withdrew his
hand from between Melissa's legs, stood up and headed for the bathroom.

A short time later, Ted returned and after quickly checking the camera,
he went directly to Cindi's end of the sofa. Gazing down at the enchanting
little girl he marveled once more at her utter perfection. "Did you miss
me, baby?" Ted whispered, placing the blue and white tube of K-Y Jelly onto
the nearby coffee table. She hadn't moved a muscle during his absence.
Her stunning adolescent body seemed to glow as Ted's eyes wandered over
her, taking in every enticing curve and crevice, and causing his cock to
instantly become as hard as cut glass.

In a twinkling Ted peeled his tee-shirt over his head. Still staring
intently at the luscious little blond, he shucked his sweat-pants down to
his ankles along with his jockey shorts, and quickly kicked them off. His
seven inch manhood standing out before him like a stalagmite, Ted took a
seat on the edge of the couch next to Cindi's thighs. Not wasting any
time, he raised her left leg, bending her knee and then allowing it to rest
against the back of the sofa. "Uncle Ted's gonna give his special girl a
special treat," he purred, lifting her right knee. Her slender leg bent as
he raised it, dragging her right heel up close to her pretty little butt.
Then with his eyes locked upon her nubile loveliness, Ted guided her knee
to the side, allowing the stunning child to fall open before him until her
thigh rested flat on the surface of the cushion beneath her.

"They're so flexible at this age," Ted thought to himself as he feasted
his eyes upon Cindi. She was spread open a bit more now, providing him
with a more or less unobstructed view of her tender charms. Reaching out
to her, Ted used his thumbs to coax the girl open a little more, exposing
her darker pink inner labia.

Something inherently female deep down in Cindi's subconscious apparently
alerted her to her position of vulnerability, for as Ted held her ample
outer lips apart, giving him a clear view of her diminutive vaginal
opening, still sparkling with moisture, the little blond shifted her hips
unexpectedly and would have closed her legs together had Ted not restrained
her with a hand on her right thigh. "Easy, baby," he purred, easily
holding her leg down while watching her little aperture dilate and
contract. "She was winking at him," Ted thought with a smile. He was
sorely tempted to explore the wondrous world that he knew lay just inside.
How easy it would be for him to push his finger through that magic portal,
sweeping away the last vestige of Cindi's childhood. He knew from
experience that it wouldn't hurt her very much, in fact she probably
wouldn't feel it at all. There would be a little bleeding, of course, but
Ted felt certain that would be under control long before he revived his
young partner. Ted was torn between the fear of having their relationship
exposed, and the desire to be the one to usher his precious princess into
womanhood. It was a special bond that could never be undone, and gazing
down dreamily at the handsome little blond, he longed to be her first love.
The next time Cindi dilated, Ted went so far as to carefully press the tip
of his index finger against the tiny opening. Pushing a little harder he
felt the fragile membrane begin to stretch, and Ted probably would have
inadvertently deflowered Cindi had the little blond not suddenly whimpered
plaintively, restoring him to his senses.

Removing his finger quickly from the girl, Ted realized that it was that
very whimper that he truly desired, that fleeting cry, unique to each and
every young lady at the moment of her fulfillment. He'd been there for
Melissa and for her passionate little friend, Mindy Johnson, and to this
day their expressions of wonderment remained indelibly etched in his
memory, along with each girl's soft cry at the moment when Ted transformed
them from little girls into women.

"Some day, darling," Ted murmured wistfully as he reached for the tube
of K-Y Jelly.

Having enjoyed the company of three young ladies in their formative
years thus far, Ted had learned that although they desperately longed to be
treated as adults, the fact remained that his tender lovers were still
developing physically, and sometimes needed a little help in area of
intimate lubrication. A few dabs of K-Y Jelly in just the right places
often made all the difference, allowing the girls to perform the way they
were intended to, and making the experience enjoyable for all concerned.

"We can still have a wonderful time together," Ted assured his sleeping
beauty, while squeezing a healthy dollop of the water based surgical
lubricant into the palm of his left hand. As he rubbed the cool ointment
onto his erect cock, Ted considered his plan of action. "Should he roll
her over onto her tummy and take her from behind?" he wondered. "Perhaps
he should move her so that she was in a kneeling position bent over the
edge of the sofa. That might be fun." In his mind's eye Ted imagined his
hands grasping Cindi's slender waist and the soft orbs of her little bottom
compressing against the fronts of his thighs.

"Melissa's friend, Mindy liked it from behind," Ted reflected. And the
passionate little brunette never failed to let him know when she liked what
he was doing. Mindy Johnson was surprisingly noisy in bed.

Ted understood, though that because Cindi was sedated, most of her
reactions to his love making would likely come in the form of facial
expression. If he were to position her on her tummy, facing away from him,
he would be unable to see how he was affecting her. Ted needed feedback if
he was going to make their time together special for Cindi, and so he
elected to leave her on her back in the missionary position. That way he
would be able to monitor every nuance of her expression as well as her body
language and other physical responses to his attentions. Also the fact
that she would be more visible to the camera was an important

With that decision out of the way, Ted prepared to get down to business
when yet another procedural question reared its ugly head. "Should he use
a finger to prelubricate Cindi and run the risk of disturbing the sweet
child's repose unnecessarily?" Ted pondered. "Or should he simply press
on, relying solely upon the lubricant he'd applied to himself?" Both
approaches had their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, Ted
decided to go with the direct entry mostly because of its simplicity.
"After all," he reasoned. "The little blond would either accept him or
not. He would fit into her, or he wouldn't. Simple," Ted concluded as he
crawled onto the sofa with the scrumptious young girl. One thing he had
going for him was the fact that the head of his cock was somewhat pointed
rather than blunt and bulbous, however the trailing edge of his fleshy
helmet was rather pronounced and substantially larger in diameter than his
shaft. Most girls liked it, and hopefully Cindi would too.

Kneeling between his little princess's legs, Ted "ooched" forward until
the fronts of his thighs pressed against hers. Then sitting back on his
heels, Ted took the girls slender legs one at a time, placing her thighs
over his with her feet resting on the sofa cushion on either side of him.
Cindi continued to snooze, oblivious to the entire procedure as her soon to
be lover applied a little extra lubricant to the tip of his cock, before
tossing the foil tube in the general direction of the coffee table.

"Here we go, sweetheart," Ted whispered, and grasping his slippery dick
tightly in his right fist, he pushed its head downward. The little girl's
female alarm bells began to ring the instant the smooth, hot tip of Ted's
cock touched her. Even through the heavy fog of the powerful sedative
Cindi instinctively knew that she was about to be compromised, and reacting
as one might expect, the handsome little blond tried to close her legs
together in what would prove to be a fruitless effort to protect her
abdominal integrity. Feeling her thighs clamp tightly on either side of
his waist, Ted smiled down at his precious young partner, noting the
furrowing of her brow as Cindi's subconscious mind registered the fact that
something Ted's body was preventing her from protecting herself. Meanwhile
he went about rubbing the tip of his manhood up and down the entire length
of the little girl's pudendal cleft from her puckered nether opening to her
clitoral bonnet at the upper joining of her labia minora.

As much as Ted wanted to become one with the precious pre-teen, the
fascinating play of expressions on her face was simply not to be missed.
Ted could only imagine the confusing deluge of exciting and alarming
sensations that flooded his young partner's befuddled mind as the smooth,
hot tip of his prick cruised up and down over her most intimate and
sensitive flesh.

Judging from Cindi Hillman's conservative upbringing, Ted deemed it
highly unlikely that the little blond had experienced any sexual contact
what-so-ever before today, making his contribution that much more
meaningful. Every sizzling impulse racing along neural pathways to the
pleasure center of her brain would be new to Cindi, and therefor virtually
impossible to catalog as being right or wrong, bad or good. Unencumbered
by conscious pre-conceptions of morality and other social precepts, young
Cindi Hillman would evolve into a creature of pure instinct. A female
creature of instinct; for in spite of her tender age, Cindi had all the
right parts. All that was needed was the right stimuli to awaken the woman
within the little girl.

Ted spent a good many highly enjoyable minutes rubbing himself against
his precious young lover, for not only was he interested in Cindi's
reactions to his amorous efforts, but in retrospect Ted would later state
unequivocally that Miss Cindi Hillman had the hottest little pussy he'd
ever known. The feeling of her supple folds flowing across the head of his
manhood like warm, moist flower petals was nothing short of spiritual, and
more than once he'd had to pause in order to "cool down" a bit. Then as
these incidents of near ejaculation became more and more frequent Ted
decided that it was time for Cindi and him to join forces.

In an effort to make the transition as seamless as possible, Ted
continued to move his cock steadily up and down between the youngster's
slender thighs, and then on one such down stroke he paused. His sweet
partner gave no indication that she'd even noticed the change until after
positioning himself directly over her anal portal, Ted began to apply a
gentle yet persistent pressure against the small, round gateway, guarding
the rear entrance to Cindi's abdominal cavity.

Leaning over the delectable little girl for better leverage, Ted
tightened his grip on his cock shaft to keep himself rigid for Cindi as he
pushed a tiny bit harder. Ted was surprised to feel his tender young
partner begin to dilate, even before he witnessed her first significant
physical reaction to his ongoing effort. Glancing down at the exquisite
little beauty lying beneath him, Ted watched her flat little tummy suddenly
bulge outward.

When after a moment the little blond relaxed her abdominal muscles
indicated by the flattening of her tummy, Ted felt her expand a little bit
more. The sensation was much like trying to stretch a small diameter
rubber o-ring over the head of his cock. "That's my girl," Ted murmured
affectionately and kept up the steady pressure. Sure, he probably could
have lunged into the sweet child. He was certainly well lubricated, but
such an action wouldn't be pleasurable for either of them. Ted much
preferred to allow his tender lover to take him in, rather than forcing an
entry. He was awfully close even now, for he could plainly feel the
encircling pressure of her anal sphincter at least half way down the head
of his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...." the lovely child moaned suddenly and shifted her hips
beneath him. Ted moved with her, while continuing to apply a steady
pressure against her. Again her tummy bulged outward and then flexed hard
and flat. Immediately upon feeling her relax, Ted pushed forward firmly,
and once again she dilated a little bit more for him.

"Almost there, darling. You're such a good girl," Ted whispered, and
then with no warning what-so-ever the head of his cock suddenly popped
forward into an environment of astonishing heat and pressure. Just that
quickly, he was in!

"Oh, God, Cindi!" It was Ted's turn to groan. "It's so warm and tight,
sweetheart!" he added huskily.

"Huuuuuuuhhh!" the sweet little girl exhaled forcefully in reaction to
Ted's abrupt intrusion into her personal space, but not once did she open
her eyes or appear to be regaining consciousness. Over the next few hours,
Ted gained a great deal of respect for the sedative drug, Rohypnol,
believing that it would undoubtedly provide him with many, many
opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

At present, though, Ted wished to concentrate upon his newest young
confidant. There was little doubt that Cindi Hillman was by far and away
the tightest little lady he'd been with so far. Although she and his
daughter were nearly the same height and weight, Melissa, who was only
three months older than Cindi was far more roomy. Glancing downward Ted
noticed that only the head of his cock had made it into his young lover,
with the remainder of his shaft protruding from between her small rounded
buttocks, and what a stunning picture that made! Ted would retain a clear
mental image of that magic moment for years to come. In any case he
understood that he would need to proceed with caution as he had no desire
to harm Cindi. Beginning then with cautious, shallow strokes, Ted
gradually fulfilled a dream.

With each inward thrust, the little girl seemed to open more for him,
until after ten minutes or so of slow, steady fucking, Ted had managed to
work a good four inches into her. The K-Y Jelly had been indispensable for
without it, he doubted he would have gotten anywhere at all with Cindi. As
it was, it felt to Ted like a half inch diameter o-ring was being drawn up
and down his cock shaft, so tight was her puckered little anus around him.
From time to time a bit of trapped air would become compressed inside of
young Cindy ahead of Ted's pistoning penis. Sooner or later that air would
seek to escape by "spooching" out from around Ted's cock, making a series
of wonderful, wet "blatting" sounds. What's more, each time this happened
his luscious little lover would grunt softly and clamp down on him with an
unexpectedly powerful "grip" which threatened to nip the head of Ted's dick
off. At least that's how it felt.

Cindi was no less delightful than Ted had imagined she would be, and
incredibly he was able to stay with her for nearly thirty minutes before he
suddenly felt that familiar burning itch begin to spread upward from his
knees. Pausing for a moment, Ted prepared to make a deposit. "Are you
ready for a special present, sweetheart?" he murmured to the sleeping girl.
As though in answer, Ted felt her clamp down on him a couple of times.
"That's my girl, Cindi. Uncle Ted's gonna give you a special part of
himself that I only give to my very special girls," he said, placing his
big hands onto his little lover's hips, and squaring his shoulders. "And
what's best of all, baby. You can even take it home with you," he added
with a little chuckle as he began to thrust in and out of the marvelous
little blond once more. With each foray into her rubbery rectum, the fire
in Ted's loins raged hotter and hotter. A couple of minutes passed, and
then with a force that surprised even Ten, he delivered a prodigious burst
of hot, viscous semen into the clutching confines of Cindi Hillman's little
ass, and in spite of her sedated state, his young lover reacted to his
offering in a most pleasing way. As Ted's second barrage rifled down his
cock shaft, and burst into Cindi's colon, the little girl's tummy heaved
outward from the sensation of internal pressure. At the same moment Ted
saw her nostrils flare as he gazed into her lovely face, indicating that
Miss Hillman had indeed accepted his gift.

Sunday morning dawned bright and clear, and as usual Ted was up with the
sun. Figuring that the girls would probably want to sleep in, he poured
himself a cup of coffee, and strolled into the living room. Taking a seat
in his favorite chair, Ted gazed absently in the direction of the sofa
where only a few hours ago he'd experienced a miracle. There was no
question in Ted's mind that Cindi Hillman had been the most incredible
young lady he'd ever had the pleasure to know. Sipping his coffee,
comfortably, Ted relived his final few minutes with the enchanting little

"God almighty, her sweet little ass was tight!" he remember fondly. Ted
imagined that he could still feel the crushing power of her anal embrace as
Cindi instinctively reacted to the sensation of his hot semen flooding into
her bowel. If the truth be known, Ted was a little sore this morning, from
his repeated forays into sweet Cindi's delectable little derriere. With a
chuckle he imagined that the delectable little blond would most likely be a
little sore, herself. What made Ted feel particularly comfortable and
fulfilled, however, was the knowledge that even now young Miss Hillman
contained a part of him, forming a special bond between the two of them.

When his last pulsing discharge had finally subsided, Ted had waited for
nearly five minutes before pulling out of the little blond, wanting to keep
the stopper in the bottle, so to speak. And then in preparation for
dismounting Cindi, Ted had lifted her slender hips, vertically aligning her
rectal passage, such that when he did finally ease out of her, Ted was able
to pull upward and out. He was glad he'd had the forethought to do it this
way, for several minutes passed before Cindi's accommodating little anus
closed completely, and had he not been there to support her, a good deal of
his special offering would have leaked out of her and gone to waste.

Nearly two hours passed, and Ted made a second pot of coffee, before at
last he heard the girls begin to stir. Fifteen minutes later, he heard
footsteps on the stairs, and rising from his seat at the kitchen table Ted
watched as his enchanting little princess made her entrance. His daughter,
Melissa was right behind her, and both girls looked a little weary.
Neither of them had had what could be considered a restful night,
particularly Cindi.

"Good morning, ladies," Ted greeted the two girls cheerfully.

Melissa smiled, but Cindi did not as they slowly approached the
breakfast table.

"Had he imagined it, or had the little blond really moved with a bit of
a waddling gate?" Ted couldn't be sure. However, when the two young ladies
finally took their seats at the table, there was no mistaking the signs.
Whereas Melissa had flopped unceremoniously into her chair, Cindi had taken
her time, seating herself slowly and gingerly. "His little girl was a
little sore," Ted thought with a smile. During breakfast, Cindi had winced
a couple of times and shifted in her seat, prompting Ted to ask if she was

"I'm fine," she replied a bit crossly but continued to squirm in her
seat from time to time.

Ted recalled with fondness the way her little ass had squirmed in his
hands just a few hours ago. Unquestionably she was experiencing the
aftermath of their engagement, and was probably confused as to why she felt
so funny "back there".

"OK, sweetheart," Ted responded warmly. "Just want to be sure you're
OK," he added, wondering what the little beauty would think if she knew the
answer to that question. Some day, perhaps Ted would get a chance to show
young Cindi some of the wonderful images of the two of them together that
he'd captured and saved. "Won't she be surprised!" he chuckled to himself.

Ted suspected that Cindi would probably be spotting her panties today,
but otherwise there were absolutely no outward signs of their special time

Some day he hoped to divulge the true nature of their relationship to
Cindi, but for now he was content in the knowledge that they shared a
special bond. Ted had been her first, and would always remain so. On
Sunday evening as she and Melissa said their goodbys, Ted reached down and
patted Cindi playfully on the butt as she turned to leave. He knew with a
certainty that he and Miss Cindi Hillman would see each other again.
End.. SM

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Cartoon Sex Sex picture

Cartoon Sex Sex picture

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Cartoon Sex Sex story

Alec and Glen (MF)

Disclaimer: This is a story involving adult situations. So, if sex,
violence and the occasional drug is offensive to you, or you are under the
age of eighteen, stop reading now and save us all some time. --UM-

This is the beginning of a full length book. [That means that it is the
start of a twisted little romance/sci-fi story and has vast areas with no
sex in it.] If you are interested in reading it, great. If not, I warned
you it would be long and drawn out.

Alecsander Michael Carter reigned in his horse, Samuel, as he cast his
weary gaze on the sign of an inn. The grimy place reeked of sour ale and
old worn out nags. He fixed his cape and moved his money belts into his
tunic. The Manger. A biblical reference for as carnal a joint as he had
ever seen. Still, he needed to sleep, and Samuel craved a stall. As he
guided his horse slowly up the path, he noticed a row of boys sitting on a
bench. They scratched their dirty, probably mite infested, brown hair and
murmured between themselves. They made no move to toward him until he
waved and caught the eye of a boy.

"Have you room, boy?"

With an awkward gate, the boy raced over to him and nodded. Alec nodded
him in the direction of the inn. The crouching teen paused for a moment to
look back and rushed into the main room. He returned with a foul tempered
rotund oily man.

"Does he have kess," followed them into the frosty evening air.

"Enough," Alec responded to the obvious doubt in the older man's voice.

"And who may you be?"

The big guy sized Alec up and came as close as Samuel would allow.

"I am Alec, the son of Hans, from the wars."

A crowd developed around his horse, and he tried to calm Samuel enough
to stop his jumping.

"Glen, take the man's horse," the fat man growled and made a move to hit
the boy.

The boy swiftly held the stallions lead as Alec dismounted. Glen had
never seen such a tall man before. He seemed to arch down his shoulders
but was still a good head taller than the master.

"Oy, a tall bastard aren't ya," the innkeeper smiled up at him.

"No taller than some."

Alec settled his price with the owner of the establishment. It had
taken him nearly an hour to get the name Meta out of the old man. After he
had paid for the night, he went to check on his horse. As he entered the
stables, he noticed the boy caressing Samuel's muzzle. Odd lad. The boy
ran a stiff brush over the horse's neck and clicked softly.

"A beauty, isn't he?" Alec addressed the boy.

Startled, the teen shrank into the shadows.

"No harm done. Don't pamper him too much. He's a spirited one, and I
don't need him spoiled as well."

With a nod, the boy stroked the dirt and dried sweat from the stallions
dappled gray coat. Almost gingerly, the saddle was removed and the blanket
revealed a series of white star shaped speckles seasoning his back and
haunches. The horse fidgeted in the stall and crushed the lad against the
wall. Alec entered the stall and grabbed Samuel's head to soothe him, but
the horse caught the boy again in the chest with a shoulder. Alec guided
Samuel out of the stall and gave his ear a tug. A stare passed between
horse and man.

"There, Samuel. That's a lad. He`s fresh from the war. I apologize."

The boy slipped from the enclosure with saddle and blanket in hand. The
tack was stowed and a fresh armload of hay was offered before Alec's
attention could be turned fully to the boy. The horse had calmed enough to
test the hay, but gave a snort at the lad as he pulled a brush through the
mane with one hand. The other hand clutched his chest.

"Are you well," Alec offered.

"Yes, sir," the voice didn't match the size.

"What's your name, boy?"

"Glen, sir." The boy continued to smooth Samuel's coat and mane.

The voice just did not fit.

"Glen what? Glen Bar? Glen Iver?"

"No, sir. Just Glen, sir. From where I was found, sir."

The voice grated on his brain. Though the lad was trying to lower it,
it obviously hadn't changed. The kid was too old not to have a changed
voice. From his slight build, Alec figured the boy was malnourished or

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen, sir."

"You don't sound it."

"I'm sorry, sir."

The boy was smart. Alec watched as Glen seemed to melt into the chores
of cleaning Samuel and softly clicking to the other horses nearby. The boy
was calm. Too calm after a horse had crushed him. The boy acted as though
nothing had happened. He'd been beaten before, maybe. Alec went into the
inn and tried not to think of what would happen to the boys that quietly
drifted in and out of view. This place grew lower in his opinion by the
minute. Meta walked boldly up to him and offered him a pitcher of cider.
Alec waived it away and sat down next to the fire. Three young girls made
their presence known at the far end of the hall. They wove within the
travelers and refused to shy from the groping hands of the men. One came
to Alec and placed her fingers on his neck, which made him eye level with
her breasts. She smiled down at him and wordlessly asked a question. He
smiled back at her and slowly removed her hands from his neck.

"No thanks," he quietly brushed her off.

With obvious disappointment, the whore moved on to her next choice.
Alec knew the place would be crawling with unscrupulous women, but it was
still unnerving. He resettled himself in the chair and studied the burning
embers for another reason not to do it again. He was free to be an
ordinary man, now. No one would ever know if he did take a whore, again.
He was heading home. This may be his only chance. He forced the idea out
of his mind and was startled by Meta's closeness.

"I've a question for you." The capricious smile made Alec more ill at
ease. "Would you be willing to take a charge or two with you on your way
to the main route? As you see, I have many lads. Too many to feed. There
are a few good worker's I'd be willing to part with. I will not charge you
for the privilege. The boy that took your horse is a bit small. If you
take him with you, I will send his horse with him. There are many places
that would take him on your way."

"You owe him money," Alec figured as he idly tapped the table in front
of him.

"No, nothing like that," Meta obviously lied. "You travel alone. There
is safety in numbers. Besides, you look like you have just enough money to
have a name. You wouldn`t want a body to say they`ve seen you here."

"It doesn't matter whether I have a name or not." Alec sighed, "If the
boy needs a place to go, I'll set him up somewhere. He has some softness.
Maybe a seminary."

"Good. We'll give you a free meal for your trouble. I'll have him
ready to go in the morning."

The boy would do well in the seminary. The self-discipline would do
well to free him of the odd way he carried himself. The way he swayed his
hips was off-putting. Alec knew of men like that. A seminary would be the
perfect place.

He watched as one of the women poured ale into a tall mug for a
customer. She reminded him of his girl. The petite girl looked sideways at
him and he was taken. She returned his smile and offered him a drink. He
declined. She left and came back with a plate of food. She then offered
something else as she set it down and placed herself on his lap. Her warm
ass ground onto his lap. He smiled as he watched the inn begin to fill
with more people. She looked at him and slid her hand to feel his crotch.
He jumped as she gripped him.

"Just be still. You won't have to pay. I'll do it right here, quietly,
as you eat your meal."

The image of his girl lost, he slid his hands up to a breast and fondled
her gently. She turned to him and showed her anxiety. She kissed his neck
and ran her tongue over his earlobe.

"I don't think so," he whispered. She actively humped him right in
front of the whole inn. "Stop it."

She lowered the top of her dress to show her pale round breasts then
quickly covered back up. He couldn't deny that she'd started something in

"Look, I'll give you a little. You'll have to find some one else if you
want it like that. I bet you couldn't keep quiet if you tried."

She smiled at him and said, "Try me."

He nodded and picked up his fork with one hand and gathered her skirt in
the other. Her thighs were soft and just as warm as her lively ass. He
massaged slowly as he bit into an over cooked potato. She sat completely
still and acted as though she was listening to the story an older woman was
saying. He decided to try a carrot and her stomach. He felt her tense as
he ran his finger tips over her navel and up to just barely graze the
bottom of her left breast. He could feel her breathing start to change as
he ran his fingers under and cupped the breast. She let out a quiet gasp
as he circled the soft bumpy skin around her nipple.

"Ah, ah, ah. You said you'd be quiet," he whispered as he gave the
nipple a pinch. She writhed on his lap. He dropped his fork and dove his
other hand down under her skirt. She arranged herself so that her legs
were wide open and her skirt covered his moving hands. The back of the
skirt rose and exposed her somewhat disappointingly non-descript rear. He
rearranged himself so that his hands slid around her waist with free range.
He massaged her breast again and she visibly shook.

"I'm getting hungry," Alec breathed in her ear.

She immediately raised a fork full of pungent rice into his mouth. As
he chewed, he ran his hand over her rough pubic hair. He wondered if she
had just trimmed it. He drove a finger inside her and said, "This is okay
rice, but I'd like some more." She gasped so loud that some of the whores
looked over at her. He drove his finger in and out of her to make sure it
was nice and wet. She pushed her ass into his hard member. He'd take care
of that himself. He stroked at her and felt her tense up and tremble. She
wouldn't last long. She could barely control her breathing let alone keep
quiet anymore. The whores had formed a human shield around them. They
laughed and joked to each other as she cried and moaned. She still fed
him, but with her hands. He pinched and twisted at her nipples as he drove
her forward over the table. She'd dripped her hot sex all over his pants
as he made it happen. She convulsed over the table, which pinned his wrist
to the edge and forced the table noisily across the floor. She let out a
loud sigh as he continued to stroke her. He pulled her back onto his lap
and gave her breasts a hard squeeze. He felt her coming to herself again.
She turned around and went to kiss his lips. He shied away and said, "I
told you. You couldn't stay quiet. Now, go find yourself a man who'll
ride you."

He gave her ass a smack and she jumped up. The other women put their
arms around her.

"He didn't even take it out of his pants?" He heard someone say.

This would be the last time he could act that way. He was going home
after all.

End... To be Continued...

UM 2003-- Do not copy or redistribute unless for personal
individual use--

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